Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Final Countdown

Well, so far this trip has been....stupendous, remarkable, magickal, a jaw droppingly visionary time of personal growth and reflection, going much to fast, a feast for my mind, my heart, and my belly. I have done well to balance taking adventures and traveling aimlessly (sort of) with settling in to various routines and exploring the life of farming, seed saving, permaculture gardening, and all around earth mother worshiping.
I am still in Wellington (it has been almost a few weeks) and am enjoying it immensely what with the hills to hike in by day and the cosmo city to play in at night, it is actually not so easy to leave. Plus, I really like the groove here at the Blueberry Farm-my little caravan next to a river, meditative work, a lovely host who reveled with me at the Puppetry of the Penis show this weekend. Yes folks, it was just what it sounds like. And, I rather fancy getting good at driving on the "wrong" side of the road, it makes my brain feel funny...like I'm using it...:)
HOWEver, I have decided that I will head north again for the last part of my trip. Both the weather and my mind have changed and I shall go where the sun is longest in the sky, and will likely return next year to enjoy the South Island!
I still need to catch Dave and me a fish so I am headed to Taupo for some of that and hot pooling by the lake. Then, off for some possible kiwi fruit picking and onto an eco tourism project before the grand finale week of leisure. ....But I am actually not planning as much as it sounds. I guess you and I both will see what happens.
Til' then, Ka pai

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