Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Downunder update

What can I say, there is not much to report as I am 'working hard' on getting the city bustle out of my bones. I have no clock so I have been eating and sleeping (and tanning) when I am called to. All the food is fresh and grown or butchered on the island. Island of grapes and olives...this was a happy accident :) So far people love sharing swears with me ( I guess my friendly face invites it) and they think New York is the coolest place on the planet to say you are from. Ha! Tomorrow I am off to the far North where I will be at a Permaculture Center in the 3rd oldest village in NZ, where the kauri tree lives and 60% of the pop is Maori, and where the myths of ancient gods and goddesses are quite alive. It's 23* so I'm gonna go play in the sun!
ps: I have not seen anyone yet spit or floss in public. I am thinking this may be a good location for the flossumentary.

Good Mornng from my front porch

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 3 - Scootering + chasing sheep

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Some Leisure

Day 2- The grass is definitely greener, the bluebies sweeter

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