Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I reckon it's time to share some photos

from whangarei to waiuku, bombay, thames, stony bay, prana, and hamilton. craggy lovely coastlines camping breakfasts observing dancing beaching full moon festivities and new friends. star gazing stupas coffee permaculture gardening first stone path constructed dirty toes compost toilets 3 min showers harvesting meals laughing learning rhythms cycles earthbound visionaries carefully paying attention to the moon and sharing farm markets druids sheep possom trees trees trees and faeries grumpy Buddhas cold creek jumping asparagus herbs fires drums. many lovely eccentric kind genuine encounters.

At the market with Judy

Judy's House of the Rising Sun and Asparagus Farm

Soo and little Liam

me amiga la mowa

Beautifying and permaculturing a winter garden

I dare say we did a pretty good amount of clean up and winter prep on the property in a few days during our intensive "working bee". With guidance from Nelson we weeded mulched and stirrup hoed the proper beds, finessed a chicken tractor into being, made a beautiful heaping compost pile, harvested comfrey, planted mustard seed, other herbs and winter vegs, made some new foot paths, mowed lawn(my favorite activity).

putting a winter garden to bed crew

Charles, Alyssa, Steven, and Soo