Monday, May 04, 2009

A few SOFTE suggestions for Easy Sustainable Living

I would like to begin sharing some of the things I have learned or remembered that we can do to contribute to the health of the planet by creating; less WASTE, more CREATIVITY, deeper CONNECTION to the earth and her beings (animal, plant and otherwise), and a sense of RESPONSIBILITY that is enjoyable.

1) bake bread at home- if you don't like to bake, buy a bread maker!! you will save one more thingy from landing in the garbage AND you can make just what you like.

2) compost! buy a nice little self contained one for your luxuriously small city apt that will do all the work for you, or bring to your community garden, or, make a worm farm...or get creative.

3) buy in bulk so you can save money but also conserve resources that are used for ridiculous (and unnecessary) amounts of packaging . This can include herbs and spices, grains, legumes, nuts, dried fruits etc..some co-ops even have bulk soap and body care products. Plus, all those bins and jars are sooooo lovely to gaze upon.

4) do you really NEED all those 'products'? Can you cut out even 1-3 of them? can you make your own?! (you can always get in touch with me if you need lotion/salve/medicinal tincture/tea/lip balm/soap/shampoo recipes

5) look at how much trash goes out in a week and see if you can half it! Yes, it is a challenge. I dare you.

Since I have been here I think I have seen a total of one 30 gal size trash bag be put out. This is at roughtly 10 places I have stayed including hostels (which also compost here- yay YHA!) That is ONE 30 gal bag at 10 places COMBINED!

6) join or build a garden so you can grow some of your own food - which is very rewarding- as well as contribute to the oxygen levels in the atmosphere :)

7) stop running water when it's not necessary. like when brushing teeth, doing dishes etc...Also if you have a roof, porch, deck, can save rain water - just put a bucket out-and use it for watering plants, heat to wash dishes or give your baby a sink bath!

The farmer/Phd student/professor/permaculture workshop leader that I learned from in Hamilton instilled in me (the leisurologist who thought she knew everything) the concept of lazy farming- particularly when it comes to Permaculture.

Much of what happens in Permaculture is observing. As we look at what nature is doing and work to create our needs in congruence with her-we can garden according to natures plan.
Preserving, conserving, and allowing her to balance things as she does, we find ourselves having to do very little to grow the things that nourish us.

Lazy farming technique number 1: (if you have a garden)
Throw down all your cut grass, (
for mulch) , on top of wet newspaper, in the areas you think you need to weed. Now you don't need to weed :)

I will further expound on lazy farming techniques at a later date.

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