Monday, June 08, 2009

The Meeting/Leaping place

The Aupori Penninsula known to the Maori as Te Hika o te Ika (The tail of the fish), recalling the legend of Maui hauling up the North Island while in his canoe (the South Island) is the path to reach the very tip as well as a spiritual path to journey before releasing one's spirit into the Otherworlds. The most northerly point (Cape Rienga) is believed to be the "place of leaping", where spirits of the dead depart. They begin their journey by sliding down the roots of an 800 yr old pohutukawa into the ocean, they climb out again on Ohaua, the highest of the Three Kings Islands, to bid a final farewell before returning to their ancestors.

This is where I sit, at the place of leaping. Sending prayers to my loved ones and thanks to Aotearoa (NZ) for all the gifts I have received on this adventure.

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