Monday, June 08, 2009


While I was waiting at this bustop/library/school for my transport from Kaitaia to Ahipara I sat with the war memorial for awhile than moved over there to the bench.

After some time an old Maori woman came by and sat next to me. She had a good long conversation mostly with herself though I think she was glad of the ears next to her. A car sped by an I followed its tail with my gaze just in time to notice the lic. plate- CRY1143- I thought, yes, I need a cry.... we all need a good cry. I looked over at the woman and tears were streaming down her face. So I did the only thing I know how to do in this kind of moment. I moved my pack and my groceries and I squeezed next to her and I put my arm gently around her while she cried and cried. Then I cried too. For everything and for nothing particularly. Then my bus came and I kissed her shoulder and held her tight and said peace and farewell. And that is the story of the bustop cry. :)

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