Monday, April 06, 2009

Did you know the sun makes stars on your toes?

It has come to my attention that I need to give a bit of a written update so as to fill in where the pictures cannot.
The last 2 weeks at Waiora were such a journey, a complete meditation, an exploration of how nature truely reflects the very things that are in me. Everywhere I looked there was a mirror showing me patterns of adaptation, growth, strength, quiet, healing, will and v. importantly, interdependence, communication and co-operation. The ppl I shared with there taught me so much and held such a beautiful space I am blessed and was sad to move on. But this is the point of my journey so....thank you to Nienke for pointing out that when you dunk your feet in water and the sun shines thru the bubbles that are made, you can see stars on your toes and it is a great reminder that everything is made of the same "stuff"...
Leaving with the Dutchies we had a beautiful rainy day excursion to some hot mud pools, then to Indian food, and a wee break at the most famous toilet in NZ. Ai!

Next stop Whangarei for some recollection of my civilized self, a short reunion with Captain Jack (who I haven't seen since Mexico when he left for around the world) and planning of next adventure. It seems the Universe wants me to have some more HOliday so off to Coramandel for a journey and a full moon festival of Osho, Yoga, and Dancing! I am just about to leave the hostel where I have been for 2 days relaxing, hiking, practicing my French and learning Gaelic from 12 yr old Connor. I think Elvish might be easier. He thinks so too.

Still have not seen one person floss
People generally love making fun of my accent with its r's and ou's and the whole tomato, basil, and herb thing is constantly coming up. I seem to be the only one saying these words wrong so I am practicing getting in "right"- tomahto, bahsil, and hhhherb soup please.
I am reading alot, meeting many interesting (and not) travelers, spending time in the bush (country), always sneaking peeks at what pple are eating....
and now have to run so I can make some burgers before I get on the road!
peas, love, and light

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