Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Downunder update

What can I say, there is not much to report as I am 'working hard' on getting the city bustle out of my bones. I have no clock so I have been eating and sleeping (and tanning) when I am called to. All the food is fresh and grown or butchered on the island. Island of grapes and olives...this was a happy accident :) So far people love sharing swears with me ( I guess my friendly face invites it) and they think New York is the coolest place on the planet to say you are from. Ha! Tomorrow I am off to the far North where I will be at a Permaculture Center in the 3rd oldest village in NZ, where the kauri tree lives and 60% of the pop is Maori, and where the myths of ancient gods and goddesses are quite alive. It's 23* so I'm gonna go play in the sun!
ps: I have not seen anyone yet spit or floss in public. I am thinking this may be a good location for the flossumentary.


  1. Oh hon, that was so great to see you yahooing!!
    Thanks. Happy trails and wonderful adventures!
    I love you MORE.

  2. Wow Leah! It looks so amazing... I look forward to keeping up with your adventures from afar. Eat some figs for me! xoxox

  3. Yayyy!!! Leah! Wow, it sounds pretty neat there, i noticed a lot of people on puerto rico also were Illuminati believers. "a race of lizard peole trying to rule the world" Its pretty weird. Sounds super amazing down there i hope you take ;ots o pictures!!

  4. Actually that was me, Jesse. I'm on Chis computer

  5. amazing pics Leah!!! Way to make me super jealous...have an amazing time

  6. selfishly, come home, we miss you! Honestly, GO, GO, GO! Amazing and what a way to go! Keep on keepin' on and we'll see you in DUMBO soon enough! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!